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New Gun Design Reduces Risk of Sulfur Solidification in the Nozzle


If plugging is a problem in your plant, take a look at our new CBA sulfur gun. It offers the same performance as the industry standard – our BA WhirlJet® sulfur gun – but features a new design to ensure the sulfur remains at the optimal temperature even when the flow rate is reduced. The CBA nozzle is recessed in the steam-jacketed gun to maintain temperature consistency. For enhanced evaporation and combustion, consider our FloMax® two-fluid nozzles that produce smaller droplets than conventional hydraulic nozzles. If you’re experiencing other performance issues, ask about modeling services. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, we can determine the best gun placement in the furnace to minimize wall impingement, the ideal drop size for complete vaporization and more.  

Sulfur Guns and Nozzles

  • CBA sulfur gun provides the same drop size performance as the BA WhirlJet sulfur gun but with a greatly reduced risk of plugging especially when pressure is reduced to lower the flow rate of the sulfur. The new CBA sulfur gun is steam-jacketed and the CBA nozzle is recessed in the gun. The steam jacket helps maintain the temperature of the sulfur even when flow rate changes and reduces the risk of solidification and pluggage. Flow rates up to 77 gpm (285 lpm)
  • BA WhirlJet® hydraulic nozzles have been the industry standard for decades. These offset hollow cone nozzles produce small drops and feature open flow passages to resist clogging. Flow rates up to 38 gpm (144 lpm)
  • Air atomizing nozzles with SU89 spray set-ups produce smaller drops than hydraulic nozzles with flow rates up to 3.7 gpm (14 lpm)
  • Similar to standard air atomizing nozzles, FloMax nozzles produce small drops but can operate at higher flow rates. Plus, these nozzles feature high turndown ratios to ensure consistent performance over a wide operating range. Available in many sizes and materials, FloMax nozzles can operate up to 30 gpm (114 lpm)
  • Our Hybrid sulfur guns are designed for quick changeover from BA WhirlJet hydraulic nozzles to FloMax air atomizing nozzles. Install the guns in one furnace. If performance expectations aren’t met with air atomizing nozzles, quickly and easily convert back to hydraulic nozzles

New Sulfur Nozzle Sizing Calculator – Quickly find the best nozzle for your operating conditions


  • Molten sulfuric acid
  • Spent sulfuric acid