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Buyer Alert for Our Customers in Canada

We have received numerous notifications from customers that believed they purchased Spraying Systems Co. products only to discover similar-looking products from other suppliers had been substituted. Customers are reporting performance and quality differences between our products and products from other suppliers.

Spray products may look similar and even have similar part numbers. That doesn't mean they perform the same.

  1. Buy direct from Spraying Systems Co. We have factory sales representatives across Canada ready to serve you
  2. Call us for a part number check. Some suppliers have duplicated our part numbers and added extra digits or letters
  3. Call us for a price check. If prices increase or decrease dramatically, it may be a signal that the nozzles are coming from a source other than Spraying Systems Co.
  4. Be concerned if you are quoted a long delivery time. Most of our products ship in days, not weeks
  5. When you receive a shipment, look for the Spraying Systems Co. name on the packaging
  6. Check your nozzles for markings showing Spraying Systems Co., SSCo. or one of our brand names (FullJet®, VeeJet®, WhirlJet®, WashJet®, etc.)
  7. If nozzle performance isn't matching your expectations, call us. One of our local sales representatives will assist and, if necessary, visit your facility even if it isn't our nozzle causing the problem. Call 1-800-95-SPRAY for immediate assistance


  • Factory-direct pricing
  • Local sales representatives dedicated exclusively to spray products and solving spray application problems
  • Factory-direct shipping
  • More products, more services
  • Field support
  • OEM programs
  • Single-source integrated solutions
  • Nozzle selection assistance
  • Spray system optimization recommendations
  • Custom solutions when necessary
  • Access to our extensive library of educational/technical materials and online engineering tools through www.spray.ca
  • Ongoing educational opportunities – Lunch and Learns, audits, spray technology seminars and more
  • Order online 24/7 at www.ispray.com